Neil Cameron / Senior Pastor

With a desire to know God and to make Him known, Neil believes that the local church must raise a generation who are trained to reach a world with the Word of God as their foundation, prayer as their passion and evangelism as their battle cry.

Challenging, refreshing, humorous and insightful are but a few words that have been used to describe the Spirit filled practical message that Neil brings to the church.

Neil serves as a member of the Scottish Area Leadership Team for Assemblies Of God and is often invited to speak at Bible Colleges, Conferences and Churches.

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Daniel Sutherland / Assistant Pastor

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Stuart Innes / Youth Pastor

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Through targeted, relevant, age appropriate methods, we will challenge every believer to identify his or her gifts and talents and settle for nothing less than achieving their full potential in Christ.

We will provide a place to encounter God, find encouragement, experience discipleship, participate in lively, reverent worship and share dynamic fellowship with other believers.

Details of the wide range of meetings and activities that go on each week at Apex Church are available here on our website.



We believe in relevant, life-changing teaching and application of the Bible.

We will provide a God-focused, inspiring, meaningful, varied and excellent worship service that reaches God’s heart with joy.

We are committed to developing a church-wide prayer focus and strategy, by utilising a range of ideas, opportunities, and ministries for meaningful, powerful, and passionate prayer that helps each one to know God more intimately.

We are committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through both formal and informal programs, understanding that people respond to Christ through many different types of presentations.

We are committed to the building up of believers in their faith in Jesus Christ, challenging them to grow beyond where they are spiritually at present and training them to eventually teach, train, and take others beyond themselves to a transformed life of mission an purpose.

We believe in offering regular opportunities for those attending to determine their particular spiritual gifts and helping them to find a place of service in the church where those gifts can be best utilised.

We believe in ministering to those of our own church and community who are hurting, recovering or in need of special assistance.

We will model being a welcoming, caring and supporting people who each week enjoy and utilise the special community available in the Body of Christ.

We stand for integrity and the quality of possessing and adhering to high moral principles. To be truthful, honest, transparent and accountable in all that we do.